Large Ghost Signs in Lviv

Most of Lviv's ghost signs are found on the front of buildings, advertsing products sold in a particular store. But there are a handful of larger ones as well, located on exposed sides of buildings, sometimes above the rooftops or on the entire side of a building. It seems that they were also advertising something nearby.

On Doroshenka Street is a ghost sign for I. Jaeger's printing shop 
From the Telephone Directory Galicia 1939: 
"Jaeger I. Printing shop owner, Lvov, Sykstuska street 33"
(Sykstuska was the old name for Doroshenka Street)

Drukarnia = Polish for printing shop

On Zelena Street there is a ghost sign for the Imperial Garage, dating from the interwar period (1918-1939). It’s difficult to see, but above the lettering was an image of a car.
Nowocześnie urządzone garaże. IMPERJAL
Modernly furnished garages. IMPERIAL

On Nizhynska Street (formerly Paulinów Street) is a ghost sign for a women's clothing atelier.
  Atelier art. ubiorów damskich S.J.K. Blicharska Lwów Paulinów 


  1. I love these, especially the effect produced by the peeling render. Great captures, maybe think about one or two for the 2014 Ghostsigns calendar.

  2. Bravo et merci pour ces superbes vestiges. D'autres ici.

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