Ghost Sign on Lesia Ukrayinka Theater

I like to look for hand-painted signs in old photos of Lviv, especially for signs that are visible today. Recently I found an old picture of the theater on Horodotska Street with two signs flanking the front door.

The building was built in 1911. At first it was a “Catholic House,” affiliated with St. Anna’s Church which is located near it. In the interwar period it housed the Small City Theater. After the war, it was a theater of musical comedy. In 1946 the building was given to the Carpathian Military District. It is currently the Lesia Ukrayinka Lviv Drama Theater.

This ghost sign is on the right side of the door. As the signs in the old photo are barely visible, I can't be totally sure that it is the same sign that is peaking out from the plaster as seen below, but it is quite likely the same.


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