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EuroMaidan's Hrushevskoho Street: A Medieval Battlelfield in Modern Kyiv

"When your government goes medieval on you, it's time to get medieval back."

This post is about the medieval tactics, armour, and weaponry that were used during Ukraine's recent revolution. For nearly 3 months Kyiv's Independence Square (Maidan) was the revolution's main battlefield, where the antigovernment protesters fought back the elite police squad and internal ministry troops. Dozens of articles were written about the the medieval aspects of the protests, and especially about the catapult. Below is a compilation of photos and excerpts from the articles.

"The towering fleece hats and elaborate beards of Ukraine's 16th-century Cossacks are favored by many of the demonstrators on Kiev's main square, who have camped out in anti-government protests for nearly two months. When events turned violent this week, demonstrators' weapons also had an antique aura and clashes resembled a Medieval assault. Protesters have armed themselves like Crusad…