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Vault Lights in Vienna

The most intersting vault light that I found in Vienna was the one made by the German copmany Luxfer, examples of which can also be found in Lviv (posts are here and here).

Vault Windows in Austria

A sampling of vault windows in Vienna

In Klosterneuburg

Antique Tiles in Vienna

As I suspected, few doors were open or unlocked to Vienna's residential buildings. Unlike Lviv, the vast majority of doors are in good condition and kept locked, usually with a key and not code. Therefore, I didn't have the opportunity to see many entranceways. However, I lucked out and did find a few beautiful corridors and stairwells. But I only found one tile with a manufacturer's mark.

Ghost Signs in Vienna

I was a bit surprised to find almost no ghost signs in Vienna. Here's what I did find...

Antique Sinks in Vienna

Remnant of courtyard sink

Nearby is an old water pump

Indoor communal sinks
Similar design to Lviv's antique sinks

Storm Drains and Manhole Covers in Vienna

In Vienna, at almost every step there is an old manhole cover or storm drain. Fortunately, most include a date along with the manufacturer's mark, and this is true even for modern ones.

Valve cover from 1898
Below square storm drains ranging from 1896 to 1957, posted in chronological order.

Guard Stones in Vienna

Vienna has a lot of guard stones, as do probably all old European cities and towns. Most that I found were made of stone, but I also found some metal ones. In the medieval center stone is more common, while metal barriers are common for newer buildings.

Looks as though these were cut in half.