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Bound and Gagged: Shadows of a Forgotten World

I stumbled across an album called "Shadows of a Forgotten World" by a hardcore/metal band called Bound and Gagged. Lol.

Prewar Relics in Przemysl

Various traces of Przemysl's prewar past

Boot Scrapers

indoors with handle (missing part)

also with missing part

Baltimore's Boot Scrapers


Vault Light in Pidzamche, Lviv

I found a Luxfer vault light in a very beautiful building in Pidzamche, an old industrial district of Lviv. Strangely, the vault light is not located outside the front door, as I've usually seen, but at the end of the front hallway — it doesn't seem that there would have been a lot of sunlight going into that part of the hallway, unless the doors at either end were left open...

unusual location
the vault light is in this very beautiful building