Shadows of a Forgotten World

This is a blog about anachronisms; anything archaic, obsolete, outdated, antiquated, vintage, forgotten, overlooked; ruins, traces, remnants of the past; anything fading, crumbling, vanishing, disappearing; anything unearthed, signs uncovered under layers of paint—found in the urban landscape, in the infrastructure, architecture; in the countryside; in languages and music. This blog is dedicated to my love for history and Ukraine. The focus is on L'viv and Ukraine, but it covers much more. It’s a place for me to collect and share all my findings, and a way to help preserve and document these traces of the past before they are forgotten or disappear forever.

The name of my blog was inspired by the name of one of my favorite movies, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, which is based on the classic Ukrainian book by Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky about the ancient traditions of the Hutsuls, Ukrainian highlanders who live in the Carpathians.


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