Lviv's Boot Scrapers, Part II

A few more boot scrapers from Lviv and a nearby village.

located inside Les Kurbas Theater, behind doors that lead to Smachna Plitka restaurant

It was quite a challenge trying to snap a picture of this last one. First of all, I needed to figure out the code to the door. And second, I encountered an angry barking dog, who did not want to let me take the picture. The boot scraper is located next to a staircase behind two swing doors at the end of the main hallway, and every time I tried to open the doors and walk inside, the dog would start barking and running down the stairs toward me. (Though I must admit it was a pretty small dog - but it was still scary!) So basically I had to take the picture through the window in the door, specifically through a part were some glass was missing.

This one below is located near the front of an old wooden church in Zhurivka, a village very close to Lviv. A great-grandmother of mine was born in this village, so it is quite likely that my ancestors used to attend this church. Unfortunately, the the church has been covered by some ugly metal sheets.


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