Conscription Numbers

Under the Austrian Empire (western Ukraine became part of the Austrian Empire in 1772), buildings were given conscription numbers, which served as addresses until 1871. In addition to the city center (Середмістя), Lviv was divided into four districts: 1 – Halytska, 2 – Krakivska, 3 – Zhovkivska, 4 – Lychakivska.

The first conscription numbers, especially in the city center, were given in sequential order to already existing buildings (beginning with the city hall). But as new buildings were built, they received the next available number. So, for the most part, the conscription numbering system was chronological. Each conscription number, however, also included a fraction showing in which district out of the 4 the building was located. The lower the conscription number, the older the building was in the district.

In 1871 sequential numbering and official street names were introduced, but conscription numbers were used by builders until the beginning of the 20th century.

Several of these conscription numbers are still found on buildings in Lviv.

As you can see from the pictures, many kinds of signs and plaques were used to display conscription numbers. The first two are conscription numbers in the center of the city, and hence don’t have a district number. Then I have included a few from each district. Some have been painted over.


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