Ghost Signs in Przemyśl and Sanok, Poland

Przemyśl (Peremyshl in Ukrainian transliteration) is a city in Poland situated very close to the border with Ukraine. Przemyśl has a long Ukrainian history, and still many Ukrainians live there. My grandmother was born there, so I have visited it a few times, and, of course, was always on the look out for ghost signs and other remnants of the past.

I found a few ghost signs, which likely date to the interwar period. They are mostly in Polish, but I did find one in Ukrainian.

in Ukrainian


this one maybe is from after WWII
 Not sure what the red and white stripes mean. I wonder if it also designated some type of stores, as stripes did in Lviv.

Sanok is a Polish city located in the Carpathian Mountains. It has a long Ukrainian and Lemko history. I found a few ghost signs there, but I think some could be from after WWII.


  1. Bravo. I love the pictures (for the text, my english is difficult). Soon.

    Les murs parlent

    1. Thank you! and thanks for sharing your blog - it has wonderful pictures!

  2. Amazing .. I love these pictures !


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