Sztuka Cafe

One of my favorite cafes in Lviv is called Sztuka. A café of the same name was founded in 1909, but the new one was opened in a different location – in a former store. They restored the old hand-painted signs on the façade and the frescoes on the ceilings inside. They also have some old street signs hanging up inside. It has a really nice atmosphere, good coffee and sweets, and it’s on a quiet street a bit outside the old city center, so it’s not very touristy. Anyhow, it has some great examples of prewar hand-painted signs. Images of before and after restoration on cafe's website.

This is a new picture of the cafe made to look like an old photo.

 But I did find an old photo of the old café. 

Also, a documentary film about Lviv during the first Soviet occupation of Galicia in 1939 uses the signs in some of its scenes, as seen in the trailer:


And these are two recent shots of the façade


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