Passage Andreolli

On Saturday I wanted to visit one of my favorite ghost signs, to see how much was left as it has been crumbling. Instead of being sad about how it is slowing disappearing, I was pleasantly surprised to find a man uncovering an epic ghost sign in the same passageway! And, in fact, I think it may be the best ghost sign in Lviv – very colorful and unique! I asked him whether they would be restoring it and he said yes! I watched for about 20 minutes as he chipped away at one side to reveal more.
chipping away at the plaster to reveal more of the sign.  also look at ghost sign in top left corner

 He saw I was very excited and posed for a picture as he sprayed water (?) on the part he had already uncovered.

during restoration
Today I went back to check on it. I was expecting to see a lot more uncovered, but it looks like the rest of the sign is unrecoverable. But the part that is uncovered has been restored and looks really nice.
after restoration

However, there are little parts of some other signs popping out in some other parts of the passage, so we shall see how much of them will be uncovered and restored. 

Anyhow, it was so cool to see him chipping away at it. I imagine the whole passageway had once been covered in signs. Must have looked so cool and colorful!

I also found out that the other ghost sign in the passageway (the last picture from my earlier post about Lviv's ghost signs, also visible in the first photo in this post) that is crumbling away was painted by artists from an avant-garde collective called Artes, which existed in Lviv in 1929-1935. I wonder if they also painted the other signs that are now being uncovered in the passageway.


  1. What a fantastic discovery, please keep us informed of the developments of this restoration work, it seems to be becoming a global trend in the world of ghostsigns.

  2. We were just returned from Lviv (23rd July) and the painting is still in the same condition.
    I suppose that you do know the "new" ones next to the Blue Chalice and the ones close to the frangment of the smaller zhynagogue?

    1. I assume you are referring the signs on Ruska St., across from passage way that leads to Under the Blue Bottle, which say Aparatow an Srebra? And by the ones near the synagogue, do you mean the ones near Golden Rose Synagogue, which are on the wall that is now used by the Jewish restaurant?

    2. Dear Areta, yes, the first is correct, for the second I mean the Boulevard Vesela :
      This is also mentioned in another blog where are so many walls mentioned where the signs were rehided again :
      I think the restaurant jiddish texts are new ones or are these also original?

    3. Also, you are warmly welcomed at our place :

    4. Oh yes, that second sign (the one with the Yiddish) on Vesela St. was uncovered sometime over the winter I believe.
      And I agree, I think the texts on restaurant are new.
      And your blog is very interesting! So many interesting posts about Lviv! I still have a lot of posts to look through on it :)

    5. :) feel free to comment any as you are living in the city and could share lots of interesting stories to us

  3. Let me join to Tamás and congratulate to your wonderful blog. This particular sign looked great just five days ago.


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