German-Language Benchmark in Lviv

I came across a curious German-language benchmark in one of Lviv's courtyards. Unlike the other pre-WWI benchmarks that I have seen in Lviv, which are small simple plaques in Polish, this one is much larger, in German, and even includes a relief of a hand pointing to the leveling mark.

The sign reads: 
XXX Zolle über den Wasserstand 
(30 Feet Above Sea Level)

And while this one was from the Austrian-era (the building where it is found dates from 1911), it was not part of the first leveling system created in Lviv (1880-1888), which was used to construct Lviv's first sewer system. More on Lviv's benchmarks can be found here.

Example of Polish-language benchmark from original network
Z.W. = Znak Wysokosci (Height Marker)


  1. i recently went to lviv on my friends lviv stag do and it was a fantastic place that is well worth a visit.


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