Benchmarks and Antique Shutters in Berehovo

Berehovo, or "Ukrainian Hungary," is a town in Zakarpattia, located only 5 km from the Hungarian border. For most of its history it was part of Hungary, and so this heritage is still strongly visible in the cityscape (all street signs, many shop signs, etc., are in both Hungarian and Ukrainian). Today even most of the cars have Hungarian license plates.

All around the center I found these large metal knobs with the words "Magassági jegy," which later I discovered means "elevation mark." These date from before WWI.
More on benchmarks here.

 Old wooden shutters

Antique metal shutter

První moravská továrna na rolety ANT. BILEK
(Antonin Bilek's first moravian company for roller shutters)

Interestingly, on the bottom of the shutter is an image of a lion, very similar to one that I found in Lviv (red shutter posted below). However, on the Lviv shutter no manufacturer's mark remains.

In Lviv


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