Manhole Covers in Ivano-Frankivsk

Pre-Soviet manhole covers in Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanisławów)

From an interview with Tadeusz Olszański about Stanisławów: “The Soviet government did everything possible to erase all traces of Polish culture. Churches and synagogues were destroyed. Our cities fell to ruin…The Soviets, however, failed to obliterate many traces of Polish culture. I was moved to discover the inscription Jaworski & Sons on manhole covers and street lamps, on the iron benches in parks. And in many different places, which have been carefully restored by the city.”

First two: R. Jawowski i Synowie Stanisławów

"Fabryka Maszyn Br. Biskupscy sa w Kołomyi"
 (Biskupski Brothers Machine Factory in Kołomyia)

One of the brothers was Lublin Biskupski (1840-1916), a soldier of the January Uprising and later owner of a machine factory in Kołomyja, industrialist, and merchant.


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