Chernivtsi's Ghost Signs

Chernivtsi / Cernăuți / Czernowitz, located in south-western Ukraine near Romania, was a multicultural city that at various times had large populations of Romanians, Jews, Ukrainians, Germans, Poles, Russians, and Roma. Chernivtsi was the capital of the Bukovina region of the Austrian Empire. In 1918, it was annexed by the Kingdom of Romania. Traces of its multicultural past, such as ghost signs, are still present in the urban landscape. The ghosts signs that I found are in Romanian, but in the first one there seems to be either a German or Jewish surname. (Thank you Shaun Williams for translations.)

most likely says: MARE DEPOZIT
(Large stock of alcoholic beverages)

most likely part of the words: ȘCOALĂ PENTRU = SCHOOL FOR...

Department of Public Works
Electromechanical Enterprises
The City of Chernivtsi
Operating at Bucurest St. No.1

and underneath the top ghost sign some words translate to:

Banking in foreign countries…
and a modern nation of iron (houses/cases/cabinets) 

These last two photos were taken in the old Jewish district. 


  1. I love these despatches from Eastern Europe, absolutely fascinating, keep them coming...

  2. One day I'm going to make it to Chernivtsi ...


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