Relics in Belgrade

Serbia's capital changed hands dozens of times in the past few centuries:
  • Ottoman/Austrian rule 16th–19th centuries
  • Ottoman/Serbian rule 1804–1878
  • Serbian rule 1878–1914
  • Austro-Hungarian/Serbian rule 1914–18
  • Kingdom of Serbia 1918
  • Yugoslav Kingdom 1918–1941
  • Nazi/Croatian rule 1941–1944
  • Yugoslav Republic 1944–1991
I found some relics from Austrian rule, namely antique roller shutters made in Vienna:
One made by Julius Rosenthal (I've come across shutters made by ES. Rosenthal in Vienna and Lviv - possibly same family) and another made by Joh. Anderle, examples of which can still be found in Vienna and Lviv.

I wasn't able to find any information about the manhole covers, but judging by the wear and tear and fonts, I believe that many of these may date to before date to before WWII.

And here's a really slick boot scraper!


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