NPR: Tigran Hamasyan – Exploration of Ancient Sacred Music from Armenia

From NPR: "'In Armenia, after the Soviet Union and almost a hundred years of atheism, a lot of things have been, I don't want to say forgotten, but haven't developed greatly,' he told his record label. 'The music was in the shadow.'"

"But the shadows are receding, at least a little. With Luys I Luso, Hamasyan is shining his own unique light on his homeland's ancient traditions."

Supposedly, a great grandmother of mine was Armenian. The story goes that a great grandfather of mine, Antin Levytskyi, was a Zaporizhian Kozak (probably early 18th century) and when he was wounded he was taken care of by an Armenian woman, Miriam, whom he later married. So I also feel some very distant connection to Armenia.


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