Prewar Manhole Covers in Przemysl

In Poland it's a little more difficult to determine the age of manhole covers than in Ukraine, because in Ukraine if it's in Polish, it's old; but in Poland, everything is in Polish... However, by comparing them with prewar ones in Lviv, I think I've been able to distinguish which ones are old.

Przemysl has several manhole covers produced by the Wisniewski Brothers factory.

Fabryka Maszyn Odlewnia Żelaza i Metali Bracia Wiśniewscy w Przemyślu
Machine Factory Iron and Metal Foundry Wisniewski Brothers in Przemysl

 A business directory from Przemysl 1938 lists the Wiśniewscy brothers' hardware store:

Below is a cover made by just one of the Wisniewski brothers.

Pomiar Miasta means “measurement of the city”

Water valve covers made by Roman Sapa & Son in Tarnów

This zasuwa (stop valve) cover is exactly like ones in Lviv a testament to the fact that Lviv and Przemysl were once in the same state...

Hydrant covers


  1. Manhole covers from Greece with Pentangle..


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