Krakow’s Ghost Signs

Last weekend I was in Krakow, Poland, and found some pretty interesting ghost signs – some restored, some not, some possibly made to look like restored ones. They are pretty similar to ones in Lviv, which is not strange as Krakow and Lviv had pretty similar histories: they were both cities in the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria – a crownland of the Austrian Empire – and then both were part of Poland during the interwar period.

"Parisian baths"

"First regional perfume and cosmetics factory in Lviv is recommended by the sukiennice (Krakow's Renaissance Cloth Hall) in Krakow"

"Russian tea, everyday fresh roasted coffee"



at first i thought these were new signs, but pretty sure they are old

i think these are new signs made to look like they are restored (note the missing corners)
and this is a modern cafe and American reading room

Cafe Mlynek (with new hand-painted signs)


  1. I also think the Szara signs are new, and also suspect the Pistol ones are--the cafe, at least, is quite new. And there's no such thing as kosher beer (more or less), which I think they advertise on another sign.

    1. Oh interesting. I was thrown off by the "Trattoria Pistola" wooden sign that they placed over part of the hand-painted word "Restauracja ..." but maybe they did that on purpose...

  2. Love these and will feature on the ghostsigns blog next week. Great work.

  3. Congratulations for this fantastic blog ! I will visit it regularly, that is sure :)

  4. Very, very beautiful heritage.

    Maybe you can put the toolbar Google-translation (as in my journal "Amboise et Touraine - Balades..."). For all those who speak ill or so school English. Good evening.


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